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Business CCTV systems in Sunderland, Newcastle and the North East
Commercial CCTV specialists

We design, specify and install CCTV systems across the North East of England, and the wider UK from our bases in Sunderland and Newcastle. We give you HD and IP CCTV systems customised and configured to your specific needs.

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Business CCTV systems: High Definition (HD) CCTV cameras and IP systems

We give you pictures of what is going on in and around your business, whenever and wherever you want them. High quality HD video imagery comes as standard. Access your camera footage whenever and from wherever you wish. All new systems are Ultra High Definition (HD) with remote viewing of live and recorded images if needed from your smartphones / tablet devices or by professionals at off-site locations.

We help you to see what’s important to your business: To monitor, manage and control risk … What’s that worth to you?

Why us? It’s about engineering expertise. It’s about design, installation and configuration of a CCTV system to meet your requirements. Also management of the system – whether that’s one camera or hundreds, whether for in-house use or remote monitored by professionals. And for any of a wide range of useful purposes.

We are specialists in commercial CCTV technology, systems and equipment. Our management team and heads of department each have decades in specifying and providing business CCTV. We only do business CCTV system design, installation and maintenance.

What can we do for you? A bespoke CCTV system designed around your needs, your risks and your business operations. Or a review and upgrade to your existing system.

  • Peace of mind – you will be speaking to experts with decades of CCTV design and installation experience and who have managed client systems through every eventuality.
  • If you have unique needs then we are the ones to design a system to your requirements. Those that need an extra level of detail such as video analytics, detection or management information will be in expert hands.
  • Human service – we don’t have a call centre – we have an office in which you will find our senior management, department heads and customer support staff. We know that this is what you value.
  • Direct contact with key staff at times to suit you. Attentive service.
  • We don’t have lists of extra costs e.g. variation charges. We don’t take your money from you in a crisis. We like to keep it simple and work hard to keep our clients.

Why us?

Experts at each stage –


systems design

Expert installers


How it works

We consult you on why you need pictures, what you need pictures of, where and when. We talk through the options and the specification. It’s not just about security cameras, though these are important. It might be for other forms of risk management, staff safety and standards assurance. We design a CCTV system unique to you. Then we can demonstrate it to you, show you how it works for real, in-situ. Then we manage it extremely well.

Prefer to lease the equipment? That can be done through our finance partner. Please ask for details.

We provide optional maintenance contracts which include the upkeep, updates, repair and replacement of parts should this be required. This contributes to the exceptional reliability of our systems. Much of our proactive maintenance you will not even notice.

We can even come out and demonstrate a CCTV system so you can see it in situ before deciding. Once you’ve seen the real images that you will get we are confident that you will want us to permanently install it.

If you want more than just an out-of-the-box solution then trust us to provide the commitment and flexibility that you need.

Our clients cover commercial, industrial, leisure, retail and manufacturing applications. Based in Sunderland and Newcastle, we have clients located in the North East as well as nationally.

Got a CCTV system already? Please contact us: 0191 5808060 for more information and a demonstration of the new high definition (HD) Technology.