Experienced CCTV specialists

Business CCTV specialists with decades of experience. We have seen technologies come and go and you can trust our judgement to know what is the next industry standard in security, surveillance and CCTV applications and what is simply here today / gone tomorrow.

Our management team has over 100 years CCTV industry experience between them.

Howard Bullock


Howard is the founder and Managing Director and has worked in the CCTV industry for over 30 years.

Howard’s main role at Inspired is to carry out the initial consultation and keep in touch with our customers on a regular basis.

Peter Manning

Sales and Technical Support Manager

Peter has also worked in the CCTV industry for over 30 years and what he doesn’t know about CCTV systems and related technology is not worth knowing.

Peter’s role at Inspired revolves around service and technical support: Peter keeps an eye on client systems, ensuring they are up to date and performing well.

Peter leads the engineering function. Much of this is invisible to clients as a lot of the support is done remotely and on a proactive basis.

Ian Dougherty

Service and Installation Manager

Ian leads the installation function, managing our small team of trusted installers. He makes sure that the detailed and unique system specifications are turned into reality, that installation is delivered to a high standards and that clients get all that they need in terms of pictures of what is important to their business, in a useful and effective form.

Andrea Santon

Office Manager

Andrea has also worked in the CCTV industry for 17 years; all with the existing management team.

Keeping everything running smoothly is Andrea’s main role and this includes managing the Accounts and purchasing function – maintaining relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers. This ensures our bespoke surveillance systems for clients become a reality. It also means that the company is at the cutting edge of all that goes on in CCTV and that the team can advise clients of all new developments and opportunities.

Andrea is usually the first line of support, taking enquiries from our clients.