CCTV camera systems for health and safety management

CCTV for Health and Safety

Whether it’s the protection of your staff, the surveillance and monitoring of lone workers or the analysing of near misses or incidents, CCTV can help your business to improve its health and safety.

Having the video footage really brings home the reality to your staff. You may wish to use footage in training environments for added realism.

Analytics can be used for things like automatically counting people numbers; or even alerting you to changes in numbers outside of certain parameters.

Protection from fraud

Fraud protection is a less obvious, but important application of CCTV.

We’ve seen this interesting new use of CCTV amongst some of our clients. It’s sad that this is necessary, but the reality is that some people make fraudulent claims for things like accident compensation. If this was to happen to you, then being in the right would not on its own be enough. You would still have to go through a process of proving it. Well, there is no better way than being able to provide verified footage showing exactly what did (and didn’t) happen.

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