CCTV for Remote viewing and monitoring of sites

Remote viewing of CCTV video is a key enabler for the management of many businesses. The ability to remotely monitor activity at your site(s) can be greatly beneficial.

It may be site security or surveillance of staff or the management of specific risks. But if you are offsite or working across sites or travelling, then remote viewing could significantly improve the control you have over your business and give you serious peace of mind.

CCTV for remote monitoring

Imagine how much management time could be freed up by not having to always be on site. Or the security costs that could be reduced by not having to have so many physical patrols.

The other benefits include being able to remotely monitor a site at any time of the day or night, on any day of the year, and gaining access to it instantly. So remote monitoring can help you to respond quickly to incidents – whether this is a false alarm, or a situation that needs to be managed.

CCTV for Access simulation

There are times when physical access to a place is not convenient, desirable or possible. This might be because of the state of the building (a construction site for example), the conditions e.g. it’s dark and your visibility will be worse than that of a camera, or the numbers needing to view are more than is practical. Various training scenarios or cleanroom environments fit this description. CCTV access simulation is perfect for these occassions.

The quality of CCTV imagery now means there are few barriers to using CCTV instead of being there, at least some of the time.

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