CCTV system reviews Tyneside

Faltec Europe Ltd.

Brian Hughes, HSE Site Services Senior Supervisor

“We, at Faltec Europe, were aware that our existing CCTV system for the site was becoming out dated and more difficult to maintain. We made the decision to upgrade to a more suitable and modern system. Having knowledge of the Avigilon system capabilities, from a previous life, we approached Inspired CCTV’s Howard and asked for a site survey and proposal.

We decided to start with a small, 4 camera system, to run alongside the existing, analogue, installation. This was centred and focussed mainly on our workplace transport concern areas around the site.

Very quickly, our senior management team were actively seeking to know more about the system and what it could do. This set the scene for the full site to be covered.

We currently have 23 cameras’ observing all five of our Factory units at Didcot Way in Boldon, Tyne and Wear.

The Inspired guys did a tremendous job installing and setting the systems up. Their support is spot on and any assistance we need is very quickly dealt with.

We would recommend These guys to anyone.”

W. Boyes & Co Limited

Kevin Marson, Maintenance Manager

“W.Boyes & Co Limited have worked with Inspired CCTV since its inception in 2016, and previously with Howard and his team for many years.

Throughout this time they have maintained and serviced the CCTV operations at our 62 Branches and Head Office & Distribution sites.

They have also undertaken and commissioned complete new installations at our branches and their professionalism and workmanship are second to none.

Over the years we have built up a good working relationship, and this is based on Howard and his team providing reliable advice and information in relation to cost effective solutions to suit the retail needs of our stores.”

United British caravans

Alex Levington, United British Caravans, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

“Our new CCTV system serves as a fantastic security device/deterrent as well as a really useful management tool. The entire system will pay for itself as the reduced monitoring costs vs our previous supplier means that we have a state of the art system whilst paying out no more in real terms than we were doing previously for a severely limited and dated system. I would recommend these new CCTV systems to anyone for business or home use. Inspired CCTV North East are professional, easy to deal with and provide very cost effective solutions. I wish I had used them years ago!”