CCTV equipment leasing

Many systems are installed on a low cost Lease Rental agreement allowing flexibility as new technology develops and different applications/designs are needed over time.

The cost is spread, allowing you control over what you spend. The packages can include maintenance, updates and any upgrades that we consider essential.

The benefits of leasing equipment can be quite compelling – with updates and upgrades scheduled during the lease term and all of the support that you could want.

Lease Rental can be the most cost effective method of equipment acquisition for sole traders, partnerships, local authorities, private and public companies alike.

Key benefits of leasing

– Modern equipment with no capital outlay: This saves you valuable working capital.

– Tax Deductible: All rental payments are wholly tax allowable.

– Preserves existing credit facilities: Bank and other loan arrangements remain intact because leasing preserves existing lines of credit.

– Fixed Payments: Rental payments are fixed for the full period of the lease. This enables accurate forward budgeting and the luxury of paying for today’s equipment with tomorrow’s devalued money.

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