Upgrading CCTV systems: HD CCTV, software and networks

There are some great benefits of upgrading your CCTV network to HD (High Definition). Higher quality images, easy to use software, easier and more reliable remote viewing or capacity to do more.

We are always keen to speak to clients and non-clients about how to make your CCTV better.

HD CCTV is not always a big, scary project though. There might be some small changes that can be made to improve the effectiveness of your CCTV system. See our review from Boyes stores for an example of how we rolled out a gradual upgrade to HD CCTV; saving them thousands in the process and minimising disruption to their operations.

When you need to upgrade your CCTV

New technology arrives seemingly every day from the major CCTV manufacturers or from elsewhere. It’s important therefore that we keep an eye on this for our customers and advise according to their individual needs.

Here are some classic examples of signs that you need to upgrade your CCTV:

  • You don’t have HD CCTV. Instead, you are using analogue cameras – especially if you have any difficulty at all in identifying what you need to from your CCTV footage. We can transform the quality of your video using HD megapixel cameras which are now the norm. The good news is that HD megapixel cameras have recently come down in price – they are affordable to most CCTV users.
  • If you were to have a major incident and the resulting images were not suitable / useful – by providing high definition, we would make sure this never happened again. But hopefully, we can instead help you to never get to this.
  • As part of your risk assessment a need for greater security, or high definition CCTV is identified.
  • To get your risk / insurance premiums down.

CCTV engineers you can trust

What would you do if your CCTV quality wasn’t up to it when you needed it? Well, with us, we’ll make sure this is not the case.

We will also discuss openly what your options are. If we can save you money by updating and upgrading rather than starting again, we have the skills and the desire to do so. With us, HD CCTV comes as standard.


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