CCTV systems design: Network cameras, networks, servers, monitors: The full package

CCTV system design is so much more than just picking a bunch of products. System and network design is important because both the type of technology and the way in which it is configured make a big difference. They determine the features that you get from your cameras and system and their appropriateness for your needs and your environment. Conditions in which you’ll be recording may be constant or may be variable and this will need to be taken into account.

Our consultants have decades of experience in CCTV networks, and will be pleased to discuss your CCTV design needs, how to best meet them and how to set up a system that gives you the most suitable service and the most control over the surveillance of your business.

What makes an effective CCTV system?

The ideal system design involves the right technology deployed in each of the key components of your network. The cameras, the IP network, whether it is wireless or not wireless. The quality of the monitors and the remote viewing options, if needed. It also requires these to be configured and integrated in a way that is suitable for your environment and needs. Your CCTV system design also includes cables, controllers, hard drives etc as well as different ways of mounting the cameras.

Camera position, lighting and choice off lens are of particular importance, to get the most from your CCTV equipment. Well positioned and well set up cameras can in some cases mean we install fewer cameras than would otherwise be needed – saving you money.

We are knowledgeable about all technology related to every aspect of CCTV systems, and their design, through experience and training and practical use for our wide range of clients.

We’ve worked in areas in which CCTV is critical to operations, such as casinos, the process sector and manufacturing plants. You can trust our judgement to get you the right system design, and integrate this in your network.  

Remote viewing

A key consideration is whether or not you want to remotely view images and whether or not you want this monitored by professionals

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