Live CCTV viewing

There are various means of providing remote access to your CCTV. This is done via whichever recording device you choose and accessed either online via a web browser or through a smartphone app, meaning you can view it on any computer or tablet or mobile device as you wish.

Remote viewing: Monitor your own CCTV off-site

If you are off-site either working from home or travelling or at a different site or if you have multiple sites to take care of, a remote viewing solution is ideal.

There are also situations in which CCTV can be used to gain viewing access to sites or premises that would be difficult to access otherwise. A cleanroom environment or operating theatre are examples. So visitor access or training are additional applications for CCTV, all made possible by the huge advances in IP and HD CCTV quality.

Professional control rooms for CCTV monitoring, alerts and alarms

For applications in which constant or significant monitoring of footage is required, or in which an urgent response is required to incidents, we provide an experienced third party control room 24/7 to monitor your CCTV.