CCTV Servers

As business CCTV specialists, we always recommend a dedicated server for your CCTV system.

This is important so as to provide the relevant bandwidth and processing power and not to slow down any other critical systems on your network.

Our CCTV servers will be from a major brand (Dell or Avigilon) and include the latest Intel processor.

Whilst CCTV servers are used in some instances for single camera systems to provide network functionality or easy access to view remotely, a CCTV server is even more important if the amount of data to be stored is significant. With increasingly high definition recording a CCTV server is commonly required where a large number of cameras are operating for long periods.


The hard drive must be big enough and powerful enough for your purpose and we generally recommend leaving some capacity for scaling up just in case you need it.


When choosing a CCTV server, you need to look out for licence fees and proprietary software that could increase costs or cause compatibility issues. (All of our servers either have no fees or one-off fees. We avoid tying our clients in to ongoing fees).

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