Specialist equipment for CCTV surveillance systems: Access control, door entry, and biometrics

CCTV cameras often come with additional features that can be configured if required – either on an outright purchase or licence basis. Analytics is one example of this but there are others. You may wish to control access, movement around your site, or parking and speeding. Various door entry, biometrics, and ANPR can be applied.

We can help to identify what features you might need and configure them correctly.

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Access control / door entry

CCTV monitoring of entrance areas is one way of controlling access. Alternatively, a variety of automatic door entry systems can be used.

If you want to go further than this, biometric door entry systems (below) could be for you.


Various biometrics can be used to identify people entering leaving or moving around your premises or area being monitored. CCTV cameras can be set to use facial recognition, either to identify particular people of interest or for access control purposes.

Finger, palm or retina identification can also be used at door entry points.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR is becoming reasonably common now amongst businesses either to control parking or to enforce safety or speed restrictions around a site. See more on vehicles and parking.

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