CCTV detector equipment and alarms

Detection is important if you are using passive monitoring i.e. you don’t have anyone in-house or externally watching the footage but you do want to be alerted if particular activity is detected in order to view footage and take action in relation to it.

Video analytics has now become the most common form of efficient detection, simply due to its ability to eliminate false alarms.

CCTV video analytics

If you want to go a step further with how you use the CCTV footage within your business then video analytics is for you. It replaces functionality that used to be provided by detection.

Analytics includes the detection of humans or vehicles and distinguishing between different types of movement e.g. a human vs an animal or a go-kart vs a forklift vs a car.

People counting is a common form of CCTV video analytics and this demonstrates the point that CCTV can now be used for so much more in terms of business intelligence. It can also be used for counting animals or alerting you to any kind of changes in and around your business.


Analytics are developing all the time – even incorporating artificial intelligence. This involves ‘self-learning video analytics’ whereby the system spends 48 hours ‘learning’ about its particular environment, we set up large numbers of positives and negatives and the system uses machine learning to become effective at distinguishing the difference within the context of this environment.

Many of the IP and HD cameras come with analytics included. It does need to be configured in accordance with your needs though.

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